Simple Baby Pants

While Mia was sick I spent a lot of time sticking together PDF patterns, cutting out printed patterns and cutting out fabric. I didn’t really feel like I had the mental space to actually take the next step to sew stuff up (and felt that, if I did, I’d be sure to mess it up).

For most people I know who sew, cutting out patterns/fabric seems to be the least enjoyable part of sewing – but I’m the weirdo who actually loves cutting out fabric and patterns (which leads to me also being the person with a lot of unfinished projects).

After I lost Mia, I wanted to get back into sewing with a simple project (or two) and I’m not sure if there is anything simpler that sewing baby pants. It was my wee nephew Johnnie’s first birthday in August – I sent him a book, and told his mum another present was “in the works” but I hadn’t finished it up yet.

I made him not one, but two pairs of baby pants. I’ve made this a pattern before, it’s a really simple baby pants pattern from Sew La Tea Do which is a great book with a bunch of simple projects, I’d recommend it to anyone starting out sewing.

The first pair of pants I made are made from some cute quilting cotton which features some fun woodland animals. I especially like the bunny with the glasses and the torch. I picked up this fabric very cheaply from Spotlight Porirua when it was closing down.


Here’s a photo of the finished pants, I wasn’t really sure how to take a good photo of them, but there’s not too much to say – they are simple toddler pants!


The made a second pair from some large check gingham that I’ve had in my stash forever, from memory, it’s originally from Arthur Toye Fabrics (RIP).


Despite my love of all things super cute, I actually like this gigham pair better than the cutesy animal print pair.


One more thing before I forget – both pairs include pockets, because pockets are life, event if you are only a year old.

I hope you all had a good weekend, hopefully I will be back with more sewing projects very soon!

Trees x

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