Creepy Cute for Wellington Frocktails

I made a surprising amount of garments during my blogging hiatus, unfortunately I need to take photos of most of them (or rather, ask Rich to take photos of them) but there are a few exceptions and this is one of them – the creepy cute dress I made for the first ever Wellington Frocktails.

What is Frocktails you may ask? Well the answer is in the name really, it’s an event where sewists have the chance to meet while wearing handmade garments, have a few cocktails (or mocktails if you’re a tea totaller like me) and chat about all things sewing.

The event was organised by Sew Social and there has since been a frocktails event held in Auckland, the brains behind Sew Social is Sandra who is part of the Wellington Sewing Bloggers Network.

I did think about creating something glamorous and sophisticated to the event, then I of course realised that glamorous and sophisticated isn’t really me. So I decided to make something creepy cute instead!


I made a Tilly and the Buttons Francoise Dress with creepy cute fabric I got on sale from Spotlight after Halloween last year. I added a cute polka dot collar with some fabric a friend passed onto me. In case you’re wondering the flower crown is from a local import store and only cost a few dollars.


Here’s a better photo of the full dress, it’s a little on the big side, so I will size down for my next version (and there will be another one) but otherwise I really like this dress and I really need to wear it more – you know, for my casual every day Halloween look. Also yes this is the bag I took along to the event it’s by Killstar from Two Lippy Ladies and even though I don’t use it much (because it’s quite small) I do LOVE IT!


Also, I was basically the coolest kid at the party when I asked for a vegan, non-alcoholic cocktail. The bar staff were a bit surprised by my request, but kindly obliged and made me something that I could actually drink.


The most fun part of the night was of course catching up with friends, Ria made a fun dress from a burda magazine – I loved the lace detail on the front.


It was also great to catch up with Laura who had made a classic walkaway dress, with ALL THE BIAS BINDING (she actually told me about a special bias binding foot, I really need one!).


I also got to hang out with Joy in her amazing pink animal print dress – I’m not sure of the pattern for this one though, but it’s rad.


Frocktails was such a fun night – I’m really looking forward to the next one.

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