Go to pattern – Astoria

During my blogging hiatus, there is one pattern I made over and over again (and I’m probably going to continue to make over and over again) and that the Astoria sweater by Seamwork Patterns.


It’s a really simple knit pattern and you can see approximately one million versions of this top if you search #seamworkastoria on instagram (actually, it wouldn’t surprise me if there was one million).

As a committed wearer of skirts and dresses I do love a good cropped sweater, so it’s perfect for me. I made my very first version from a black sweater knit that I inherited from a friend to take on our trip to Korea and Japan in November/December last year. It turned out to be the most worn garment of the whole trip. That said, I have literally no photos of me wearing it on that trip – so here’s a selfie of me wearing it at home.


Also that patch does say “bad luck for sale” on it, but I mostly added it because it has a cat on it – because everything is better with cats.

The next version has a bit of colour blocking, because that’s always fun. I bought this spider knit fabric from fabric a brac the black fabric was given to me by a friend. I bought the spider fabric, even though there wasn’t a huge amount, because spiders. This version is made from much thinner knit fabric, but I really like it and it goes really well with my Erstwilder  vampire teeth necklace (because dressing like every day is Halloween is my thing).


The next version is literally the warmest item of clothing in my wardrobe (well apart from, you know, jackets). I bought this sweater knit from fabric a brac with the intention of making a coatigan (something like the Jill) but when I got the fabric home and washed it I found it full of holes – bummer.

There was enough fabric left, once I cut strategically around the holey parts to make an another astoria. I’ve not been wearing this one so much as it’s spring and its starting to warm up (well in theory at least) but I will definitely be taking it with me to China in November.


Finally, one of the reasons I love this pattern so much is it’s really easy to create a seasonal garment without too much work (in fact the most difficult thing is finding the right fabric).

Way back in March I had a St Patrick’s themed afternoon tea at my house with some friends, I asked everyone to dress in green (obviously) and I made this appropriately themed astoria top for the occasion.


I bought this extremely Irish fabric from a fabric resale group on Facebook, the woman I bought it from said she’d been planning on making underwear with it – fabric this great deserves to be shared with the world, not hidden away as underwear.

I have actually made MORE astoria tops than what I’ve shared here – so perhaps I will make more of an effort to take photos of those and do another update in the future.

Until then….a fun photo of me with Jo and Joy  on St Patrick’s Day – because I love any opportunity to use my selfie stick (and props).


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