Dunedin Adventures 2018

For my birthday this year (way back in July!) Rich and I headed to Dunedin for my birthday, which is one of my favourite cities in New Zealand (I can’t believe it’s been so long since I visited).

I thought I’d share a few of my favourite things in the city:

Tunnel Beach

For some reason, on our previous visits to Dunedin we had never been to Tunnel Beach and I was so glad we finally went to check it out this time. It’s a short (but steep) walk to Tunnel Beach, and to get to the actual beach you need to walk through a man made tunnel.

The tunnel was built in the 1870’s by John Cargill, so his family could have a private secluded beach.


Street Art

I love street art and it’s everywhere in Dunedin central, there’s a map available at the information centre if you’d like to do a “street art walk” – otherwise, you can just find it on your own as you walk around the city centre.


Vegan Food

I was worried that I may not be able to find much vegan food in Dunedin, but there was no reason to be worried as there was plenty of delicious vegan food available including the best vegan breakfast I ever had!


Museum and Art Gallery

We visited the Otago Museum, which had an exhibition on the iconic New Zealand band The Chills, who are one of the bands famous for the Dunedin Sound. 


We also visited the Dunedin Public Art Gallery, which is one of my favourite art galleries, its small but perfectly formed.



There’s a lot of amazing architecture in Dunedin, there’s always so much to see around the city. The building with the mermaid and Neptune (?) was the hotel we stayed at, Wains Hotel.


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