Welcome to Alison

Last year, when we lost our sweet Mia suddenly to cancer, we were both heartbroken – and to be honest, I still miss her every day.

We did know, however, that we did want to get another kitty, it was a matter of when it felt right to adopt a new cat.

We put a lot of thought into this, and due to travel we had planned (including a trip to China that I must blog about) we decided that two weeks before Christmas would be the best time to adopt a new cat – I couldn’t think of a better Christmas present.

We knew that we would adopt our new cat from Wellington Cats Protection League , which is a wonderful organisation, it’s a no kill shelter that re-homes a lot of older cats (as well as younger cats).

It was really important to us to adopt an older cat, these cats often get overlooked for kittens or young cats which breaks my heart – if you’re looking to adopt, please consider an older cat, as they have a lot of love to give.

We went to Cats Protection League with four cats in mind (and it was really hard to get our list down to four) – however, we ended up with a cat that wasn’t on our list, but she clearly wanted to adopt us as her human – meet Alison.


When we met Alison, we were actually looking at another cat Minnie – but Alison was in the same sun room area as Minnie, sitting on the window sill. As soon as I approached her, she snuggled up to me, and I was kind of smitten straight away.


Alison’s background is quite different to Mia’s, while Mia had a bit of a difficult time before we adopted her, Alison had a very loving owner (who had been a Cats Protection League Volunteer) who passed away and her four cats all went to Cats Protection League for re-homing.

For some reason, Alison had been at the shelter for over a year when we adopted her. I can’t understand why – as she is a sweet girl, who is really snuggly and relaxed.

Most of my friends never met Mia, because she was so scared of people, where as Alison will take all the pats she can get, and if you sit down while she’s nearby she will sit on your lap and want all the pats.


I suspect the reason Alison was left behind is due to her age (she’s 12 years old) and also possibly because she has a heart condition so she needs to take daily medication.

But her age and medical requirements don’t bother us at all – she’s a lovely girl and we are so happy she’s now part of our family.

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