Basic Bodice, Gertie’s Ultimate Dress Book

I want to blog a lot more this year and one of the reasons I want to do this is to keep a record of all my projects – I really want to sew more and be more creative this year. However, before I start to blog new things, I need to catch up on blogging all things I’ve already made, starting with this green dress from Gertie’s Ultimate Dress Book.

received_375925139636832 (1)

I’ve been a fan of Gertie for a long time (I even met her in Auckland last year!) and I really wanted to sew some dresses from her Ultimate Dress Book, but I wanted to get the fit of the bodice right first so decided to make the most simple dress in the book – a sleeveless bodice, with a gathered skirt.

The pattern in the book calls for an all in one facing, but I love bias binding so I used that instead and fortunately didn’t really have to do many adjustments to this bodice (yah!) so it really is a wearable muslin (in my experience, some wearable muslins are wearable in name only).


The fabric I used for this dress is some simple green quilting cotton that I bought in Hamilton many years ago with some fancy retro ladies printed on – it’s kind of fun, the cats eye glasses were the thing that appealed to me the most about this print.

As it turns out, I really do like this dress, and definitely have plans to make more dresses from this book that are a bit more detailed/complicated. I especially love the versions with collars and bows. The images below are all from Gertie’s old blog. 


Well, that’s all for now, but I’m sure you’ll be seeing at least a few more Gertie dresses (and projects in general) here in the future (if I can keep up with blogging), but to finish off – here’s a picture of me with Alison – because she really doesn’t mind being held (also if there’s anything happening in the courtyard, she NEEDS to be part of it).


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