Gertie’s Ultimate Dress Book – Boarder Print Dress

This is another make from a while ago that I haven’t shared, and it’s my third make from Gertie’s Ultimate Dress Book. 

There are a tonne of different options in this book, but I stuck with the basic bodice again, but added the puff sleeve this time rather than going sleeveless. For the skirt I just gathered the fabric, to show off the boarder print as much as I could – I also bound the sleeves in the off cut of the boarder print to give a bit of contrast.

I was going to put some green buttons on the bodice as a decorative feature, but decided I really wanted to wear some of my big statement necklaces with this dress – which wouldn’t work if there were buttons, so in the end I kept it plain.


The fabric I used for this dress is from Wellington Fabric-a-Brac, I have had it in my stash for a while, just waiting for the right project (and definitely not hoarding it for no reason….). I should have taken more pictures of the boarder print before I sewed the dress, but I didn’t, so here’s a couple of pretty average photos of the boarder print that I took while I was wearing the dress.



Fortunately my plan paid of and this dress does work really well with big, chunky necklaces, in this photo I’m wearing it with one of my (MANY) Erstwilder Necklaces – this particular necklace always seems to start conversations.


To finish off, here’s a picture of me with Alison, because she always needs to be the centre of attention wherever she goes (but we still love her).


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